Window Tinting in Lansing, MI Works for Businesses with Green Thumbs

Business operators in places with heavy sunlight may be on the path to helping the environment with a little bit of tinting. According to Ecopreneurist writer Jared Diamond, the emphasis on cutting down energy expenses takes the strain off power plants that generate emissions.

This can be of high importance to entrepreneurs in Lansing, MI. Temperatures in the Capital City teeter on the first ten degrees below 32º F in winter, but the highs rise to the late 70s by summertime. Residents will even remember the record-high 102º F tallied on July 6, 2012 and 18° F on February 2, 1868. If the energy bills are sapping into your profit margin and operational expenses, you can still limit that with window tinting through Lansing, MI companies like Window Tinting Lansing, with a host of benefits at hand.


Window Tinting in Lansing, MI, Provides Many Benefits for Homeowners

Tinted windows can also help fight skin cancer, which happens when one is always in direct contact with the sun’s UV rays. As such, installing window tinting in Lansing, MI homes can help keep homeowners from contracting skin cancer by prohibiting the harsh rays from passing through.

It is also worth noting that well-installed tints can make a home’s windows more durable, as putting a film over the glass would make them resistant to shattering. During storms or when debris causes the glass on one’s windows to break, the tints serve as a defensive film that can collect the said debris and keep it from causing further damage.

Lansing, MI Window Tinting Firms Help Prevent Skin Cancer in Motorists

While these findings appear to make driving look like a more dangerous prospect than usual, state-of-the-art products from Lansing, MI window tinting firms can actually help with this issue. Window tint is designed to drastically reduce the amount of UVA radiation that reaches the vehicle’s interior to negligible levels. Aside from the obvious health benefits, tinting mitigates the effects of wear and tear on fabrics and leather, thus providing long-term savings on maintenance costs by extending the service lifetime of upholstery.

Quality Window Tinting in Lansing, MI Reduces Risk of Skin Cancer

Moreover, Lansing residents do not need to worry about darkening their homes by applying tints. Michigan home window tinting by experienced providers can be made out of a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) base with dyes or metals added. PET is widely known for its optical clarity, allowing a clear view from one side of the film. Residents can continue enjoying the view from the outside without having to worry about dealing with harmful rays that accelerate skin aging.

Window Tinting on Lansing, MI, Buildings Improves Energy Efficiency

As the price of fossil fuels continues to skyrocket due to ever-increasing demand, there will be a need for buildings to be more energy efficient than ever before. Apart from mitigating the effects of rising energy costs, better energy efficiency also benefits everyone in general by lowering the impact that buildings have on the environment.

One of the biggest factors in a building’s energy efficiency is its glazing, or lack thereof. Glazing systems, while playing the important role of allowing natural light to enter the building unimpeded, also let heat in the form of ultraviolet light penetrate to the structure’s interior.

Window Tinting in Lansing, MI Keeps Your Home Safe from Summer UV Rays

According to experts, window tints can repel over 90 percent of the sun’s UV rays. Not only does this keep you safe from the harmful effects of UV rays, but it also protects your floors, your walls, your curtains, and your belongings from UV degradation. Additionally, the lack of UV radiation inside your home helps keep your home cool, helping you save on your energy bills. Of course, the opposite is also true as the tints help lock in the heat from your furnace during the winter.

If you’re interested in having the windows of your home tinted, be sure to call a trusted Michigan home window tinting company like Design Rides. These experienced professionals can help you decide the type of window film that best suits the style you are looking for, while offering top-notch protection against harmful UV rays.